A seasonal campaign to support StarCraft II esports


The StarCraft team approached us with a new concept for Blizzard esports: a battlechest for players to purchase and unlock unique in-game content with proceeds going to help fund StarCraft esports. With the stakeholders approaching us earlier than normal in their process, I was able to work with my program manager and copywriter as I had always dreamed: to start with content first (a rare luxury in this role).


StarCraft II

Blizzard Entertainment


UX Design

UI Design



Warchest Page

I grabbed our copywriter and we worked together building a content outline for the page. Instead of adding copy lines and paragraphs throughout wireframes thinking “I guess we’ll need some text about something here?”, I could design with the actual copy from the beginning, something I had almost never been able to do. The project went very smoothly overall since we were able to pass them copy and content early in the process, therefore collecting early approvals.

Warchest was very successful. We initially thought we would need to update the site multiple times over the 3 months the Warchest was available to show progress toward the goal of $200,000, but we reached our target within a week so we only updated once after launch!

Wireframes to show responsive states

Another change I made during this project was using wireframes to illustrate responsive behavior instead of hi-fidelity mockups. It’s easier to sit down with engineering and describe your intentions instead of spending time illustrating every detail.