The deployment checklist app to replace all deployment checklist apps 


When your company cares about spoilers, it’s hard to use security-risking third-party apps. Several internal teams had created their own deployment checklist and our team decided we could consolidate those efforts into one checklist to rule them all.


Blizzard Entertainment


UI Design



Active List

We interviewed engineers and QA persons from various teams using their homegrown checklists to find out how they used them and how we could perhaps improve them. I worked with a UX designer to iterate on wireframes and handled all the visual design.


We shipped Questlist to much fanfare on our team, but we failed to communicate up (leadership) and out (stakeholders, other teams that could benefit). It was then we started to realize that the desire for this product wasn’t as strong as we’d believed. In the end, very few individuals and teams switched to Questlist and it eventually was shut down. This project helped me really scrutinize project proposals in the future and drive home the idea that if no one believes there is a problem, then no one will consider your solution. 

Checklist Overview