Overwatch League

The first global esport with city-based teams for Blizzard’s Overwatch


My journey with Overwatch League (OWL) began even before the league officially launched. My department had been working on the site for over a year but it was running into trouble. It was a few weeks before launch and the site was nowhere near ready. As part of a rescue crew, I joined as a designer and we spent the next few weeks in chaos and overtime.


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Homepage in Live State

The site launched on the first day of the inaugural season as we braced for the onslaught of millions of live viewers. Success! I was asked to stay on as the Design Lead, managing two designers. Over the first few seasons we studied (and became part of) our fan community, helping us create popular features like player stats and standings which increased engagement and positive player sentiment. Attending live Overwatch League events at the arena in Burbank was amazing. Interacting with the fans and understanding them on such a deep level allowed us to create meaningful experiences for them.

Homepage Redesign

Team Sites

Aside from the main league site, each team was given a website to help connect with their fanbase. I designed a template for each team’s website, modeled after the NBA. The league site handled high level stats and player data, and the team sites were a place where teams could show more personality, have control over sponsors, and run their own local campaigns.

Team Sites Content Pages