BlizzCon Surveys

Survey application for in-person attendees at BlizzCon


Blizzard Entertainment hosts an annual convention in Anaheim, CA drawing crowds of 40,000 in-person attendees and millions via their Virtual Ticket broadcast online and DirectTV. At the convention, new games and unreleased game content are playable at demo stations. After attendees participate in the demo, they have a chance to leave feedback about their experience for the game team.


Blizzard Entertainment


UX Design

UI Design



Example Survey Screens

These feedback stations were using a simple, unpolished survey tool when our team decided to give it a new look and feel to make the feedback experience more cohesive with the demo and more “Blizzard-y.” I handled all the UX and Visual design, working with multiple game team stakeholders to collect the art assets and approvals. This was my first public-facing project for Blizzard so I was quite excited (as you can see in the photo).


Although we had done user testing in our office, nothing is a substitute for the real thing. At the end of each survey, there was a restart timer. It was meant to give the user time to get their things and move along while another user came to the survey station. We set the timer for 15 seconds which turned out to be way too long. As I watched stations at BlizzCon, people had to wait an unnecessarily long time after someone left for the survey to restart which caused a line to grow (people really wanted to share their thoughts!). Luckily, it was an easy fix so after the first night we updated the application to restart in 5 seconds which was perfect.